The present situation of nuclear energy in Europe asks for a continuing effort in the field of Education and Training (E&T) aimed to assure qualified workforce in the next decades.

ANNETTE project aims at enhancing the Europe-wide efforts initiated in the past decades by different organisations belonging to academia, research centres and industry to maintain and develop education and training in the different nuclear areas. The main aim of this action is to:

  1. consolidate and better exploit the achievements already reached in the past and to
  2. tackle the present challenges in preparing the European workforce in the different nuclear areas,

with special attention to continuous professional development, life-long learning and cross border mobility.

The European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), as coordinator of the project, together with the other participants, is committed to perform coordination and support actions coherent with the SET Plan Roadmap for Education and Training for the nuclear sector, tightening the links between the areas of nuclear safety/engineering, radiation protection, waste management and geological disposal at the same time, by better coordinating their contributions in the E&T fields. The transition from science to technology occurring in the fusion research environment justifies an additional effort to tighten the links with FuseNet, thus integrating the E&T effort on the fission side with common actions related to fusion.

Links with the SNE-TP, IGD-TP and MELODI platforms, with EHRO-N, NUGENIA and other bodies interested in maintaining or developing the nuclear (fission / fusion) workforce throughout Europe (ENSREG, HERCA, WENRA, ENEF, FORATOM, EuroFusion, FIIF 1 etc.) are forseen in Europe.

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The following institutions are the partners in the project consortium:

Participant organization Short name Country
1 European Nuclear Education Network ENEN France
2 CEA – Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires CEA-INSTN France
3 Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN Belgium
4 Technical University of Catalonia – Barcelona Tech UPC Spain
7 Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Ricerca Tecnologica Nucleare CIRTEN Italy
8 Jozef Stefan Institute JSI Slovenia
9 Aalto University AALTO Finland
10 Uppsala University UU Sweden
11 Joint Research Centre JRC Belgium
12 FuseNet Association FUSENET Netherlands
13 Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz BfS Germany
14 Czech Technical University CVUT Czech Republic
15 Horia Hulubei’ National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering HH-IFIN Romania
16 Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH JUELICH Germany
17 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT Germany
18 Université Catholique de Louvain UCL Belgium
19 Université de Lorraine UL France
20 University of Manchester UMAN United Kingdom
21 Università di Pavia UNIPV Italy
22 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid UPM Spain
23 University of Centre Lancashire UCLAN United Kingdom
24 Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia UNED Spain
25 National Skills Academy for Nuclear Ltd NSAN United Kingdom

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