Deliverable N° Deliverable Name
D1.1 Report on the ANNETTE survey on the state of the art in E&T and VET in nuclear
D1.2 Report on the analysis of the creation of sustainable advanced networking in nuclear education training and transfer of expertise
D1.3.1 Report on the concept and implementation of an advanced database for nuclear E&T and VET initiatives and related events and opportunities (EUTERP, SCK-CEN)
D1.3.2 Report on the concept of the ANNETTE platform/website (ENEN, SCK-CEN)
D1.3.3 Report on the establishment of effective and sustainable communication with national networks (UPC, ENEN)
D1.4 Report on the implementation of European certifications for E&T and VET in relevant nuclear domains
D1.5 Report on the desirable and possible procedures to be established for the coordinated E&T and VET efforts planned for WP2
D1.6 Report on available nuclear facilities in support of LLL
D2.1 Report on the specific needs (in terms of learning outcomes) and their relations to job profiles for an advanced European Programme for CPD and a summer school in the nuclear areas (CIRTEN, month 18)
D2.2 Report on the course plan for the advanced European Programme for CPD and the summer school (Leading Participant + Participants, month 24)
D2.3 Web pages for advertising and registering participants (ENEN, managing the ENEN Website, Participants)
D2.4 Report on the practical implementation of the pilot courses (CIRTEN, month 44)
D2.5 Report on the evaluation of the pilot European Programme for CPD and the summer courses (Selected Participants, month 48)
D3.1 Report on the criteria for selecting the E&T products (UPC, month 12)
D3.2 a, b, c, d, e, f: Summary description of the E&T products (Participants, Month 36)
D3.3 Report on the quality assessment of the obtained E&T products (Selected Participants, Month 48)
D4.1 Report on Application of the ECVET System in the Nuclear Field (Participants, Month 9)
D4.2 Report on Software Support of Competence Management extended by ECVET Implementation (User Requirements, System Specification, Small Pilot Implementation) (Selected Participants, Month 12)
D4.3 Report on Individuals’ Job profiles, Competence Requirements, Competence Gaps, Competence Development Program (anonymized, harmonized in regard to content, format and structure with D4.2) with identification of selected learning and qualification measures (Selected Participants, Month 18)
D4.4 Preparation of the exchange: Documentation of Objectives and Modalities, Learning Paths, Learning Agreements, Recognition of National or International Bodies, Anonymized Personal Transcripts (Selected Participants, Month 18)
D4.5 Documentation of the Implemented Cross-Border Exchange (Participants, Month 30)
D4.6 Summary and Evaluation of the Performed Steps in the Actual Exchange, Recommendations for Further ECVET Implementation in Nuclear Industry (Selected Participants, Month 36)
D5.1 Report on the specific needs for courses on nuclear safety culture (Lead Participant month 18)
D5.2 Report on the contribution to the course plan for the advanced European Programme for CPD and the summer school (Leading Participant + Participants, month 24)
D5.3 Report on the practical implementation of the courses (contribution to WP2, month 44)
D5.4 Report on the evaluation of the courses on nuclear safety culture (Selected Participants, month 48)
D6.1.1: Report on the competence needs with respect to nuclearization of fusion (month 12)
D6.2.1: Report on the available nuclear training programmes of relevance for fusion, and identification of the gaps. (month 18)
D6.2.2: Report on the (2) newly developed fusion specific nuclear training courses (month 30)
D6.3.1: Report on a pilot run of training courses on nuclear awareness for the fusion field.  T(month 36)
D6.4.1: Report on the participation of fusion professionals in nuclear training activities(month 48)
D7.1 PowerPoint Presentation of the Project for delivery to external bodies (ENEN, JSI, Month 3)
D7.2 Short summary reports of relevant Meetings limited to issues relevant to the project (1 two-pages) (Participants, from the 1st to the 48th Month)
D7.3 Agenda and summary descriptions of the special events related to advanced networking (Month 48)
D7.4 Report with consolidated data on interactions with and feedback received from communities outside of the ANNETTE project (Month 48).
D8.1 Minutes of the Kick-off meeting
D8.2 Minutes of the 1st Progress meeting
D8.3 Minutes of the Meeting with the End-User Group
D8.4 Minutes of the 3rd Progress meeting
D8.5 Minutes of the 2nd Progress meeting
D8.6 Minutes of the Final meeting
D8.7 Project Financial statements and reports according to the contract
D8.8 Final project report